Manage Widget Visibility

Most themes offer a sidebar widget area. When it comes to static pages you may want to manage widget visibility. Perhaps you need a Text and Maps widget for your contact page only and nowhere else. Widget visibility or multiple sidebars is easily handled with one of the following two plugins:

Jetpack Widget Visibility

You’ll need to have Jetpack installed. Once connected to your WordPress account, go to JetpackSettings. If this is your first time installing Jetpack, we recommend disabling all modules in one go and then selectively enabling the modules you want to use. Once activated, Widget Visibility will let you control when widgets are displayed or not displayed. For further instructions, see the link below:


WooSidebars is very similar to Jetpack Widget Visibility in that it lets you control which context a widget is displayed in. It’s different in that this is done from WooSidebars own admin area and not from within the AppearanceWidgets.

Last updated: 18/10/2019