Upgrading Puro Theme from Free to Premium (Puro & Ultra)

Note: The below tutorial applies only to our Puro and Ultra themes. If in doubt, feel free to reach out via email on [email protected].

If you’ve upgraded your Puro theme from free to premium, thanks, we really appreciate your support. We hope you enjoy your new theme features and priority support. If you’re interested in upgrading, please, go to Appearance“Theme Name” Premium from within WordPress. You’ll need to have the free version of the theme you’re upgrading, activated. You can also find direct upgrade links on each of our theme pages.

To upgrade your theme make sure you have the free version activated. Navigate to Appearance“Theme Name” Premium and click the Already Paid? button. You’ll find it at the top right of your screen. Enter your order number, click Enable Upgrade and follow the steps to complete the process.

Alternatively, go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsPremium and enter your order number in the field provided. Next, go to DashboardUpdates where you’ll find a theme update pending.

If you have any problems with automatically upgrading you have the option to manually upgrade. See our manual update guide here. In the event you manually upgrade, please ensure that your order number is inserted in the order code field after completing the upgrade. Please, check the theme-specific documentation for the location of the order code field. This will ensure you receive premium theme updates as they’re released.

Your order number and the above instructions are included in the order confirmation email. If for any reason you don’t receive that email after upgrading, please, let us know.

Last updated: 12/08/2021