Allow Post Author Bio HTML Markup

By default, WordPress doesn’t allow HTML tags to be used in the author Biographical Info field. If you have authors with lots of biographical info then you’ll most likely want to use paragraphs to break the information up and perhaps add a link or two. Here is how:

1. Go to PluginsAdd New and search for Code Snippets. Activate after installing.

2. Go to SnippetsAdd New and name your snippet. The name doesn’t matter, we’ve named ours Filter Author Bio.

3. In the snippet body, insert the following:

// Disable WordPress sanitization to allow more than just $allowedtags from /wp-includes/kses.php.
remove_filter( 'pre_user_description', 'wp_filter_kses' );
// Add sanitization for WordPress posts.
add_filter( 'pre_user_description', 'wp_filter_post_kses' );

4. Finally, enable the option to Only run in administration area and click Save changes and activate.

5. You can now go to Users and add HTML tags as required to the Biographical Info field. Tags you might want to use are:


<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Line breaks



<a href="">Link to Puro</a>
Last updated: 14/11/2019