Footer related settings are at AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter.

Theme Settings > Footer
Theme Settings > Footer

Footer copyright text appears at the bottom left of your footer. If no footer social icon menu has been added it will appear in the middle of your footer. This field allows dynamic content to be inserted using the following:

Display your site title set under Settings General. The site title text will be linked to your home URL:


Display a copyright symbol:


Display the current year:


The results of using {site-title} {copyright} {year} in our Puro demo theme displays as follows:

Ultra copyright text
Ultra footer text example.

In addition to the dynamic content tags listed above, this field also accepts regular text and HTML.

A global privacy policy page can be assigned at SettingsPrivacy. To display a link to your privacy policy page in the footer, navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter and enable the Privacy Policy Link setting.

Enable this setting to enqueue theme JavaScript files in the footer. Doing so can improve site load time. Loading theme JavaScript files in the header is the standard position so you’ll find this setting disabled by default. Once enabled, test your site, if everything is normal then you can leave it enabled.

The footer attribution link appears after the footer copyright text (Theme by Puro). This link can be removed from the footer without editing any code by upgrading to Ultra Premium. The footer attribution checkbox can be found at AppearanceTheme SettingsFooter, once upgraded to the premium theme version.

If you’re using Ultra Free and would like to review the premium offer, navigate to Appearance > Ultra Premium from within WordPress.
Last updated: 12/10/2019