Content Header

This Customizer section is available in Ultra Premium. If you’re using Ultra Free and would like to review the premium offer, navigate to Appearance > Ultra Premium from within WordPress.

The content header is positioned below the main header and holds the page title and breadcrumb trail. If a page Meta Slider has been added, then the content header will be positioned below the slider.

Content Header
Content Header

Should you wish to customize this part of your site, the following settings are available.

Content Header Settings
Customize the Content Header

Heading Color

The page or post title color. Defaults to #313539.

Heading Font

The page or post title font. Defaults to Lato (700).

Heading Font Size (px)

The heading font size in pixels. Defaults to 25.

Breacrumb Font

The breadcrumb trail font. Defaults to Lato.

Breadcrumb Font Size (px)

The breadcrumb trail font size in pixels. Defaults to 13.

Breadcrumb Text Color

The color of the breadcrumb trail text. Specifically non-link text. Defaults to #acaeaf.

The color of links in the breadcrumb trail. Defaults to the same as Breadcrumb Text Color: #acaeaf.

The link hover color in the breadcrumb trail. Defaults to #0896fe.

Content Header Padding (px)

The content header top and bottom padding.

Background Color

The background color of the content header bar. Defaults to #f6f6f7.

Background Image

Replace the background color with an image. No default is set.

Background Image Layout

If a background image is used, set the background image layout using this setting.

Last updated: 28/12/2021