Polestar Demo Home Page

Polestar doesn’t currently contain any prebuilt layouts. However, there is a great selection contained with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. To make use of this layout library go to any page, click on the Page Builder tabLayoutsLayouts Directory.

If you’d like to create a home page similar to the Polestar demo, you’re welcome to use the demo home page as a starting point. Please, find the layout here. This layout can be uploaded as follows:

1. Download the above layout using the link provided. Unzip the folder on your desktop.
2. Go to Pages and click on the page you’d like to use it on.
3. Click on the Page Builder tab (Page Builder by SiteOrigin should already be installed).
4. Click the Layouts button in Page Builder.
5. Click Import/Export in the left navigation menu.
6. Drag the JSON file from your desktop into window area labelled “Drop import file here”.

This layout relies on the following supporting plugins:

1. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
2. Livemesh Widgets

If a widget shows as missing in the layout and the above two plugins are installed, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets and ensure that the missing widget is enabled.

If you have any questions about Polestar, Page Builder by SiteOrigin and prebuilt layouts, please, open a support topic on the Polestar forum. Polestar Premium users are welcome to reach out via email for support queries.

Last updated: 21/02/2018