You can find the Polestar Footer settings located at AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter.

Choose the footer layout. Default is constrained, the footer content will the be same width as the site content. Full-Width will allow the footer content to take up the full screen width.

{site-title} and {year} can be used to display your website title and the current year.

These are dynamic tags that when inserted into the Footer Text field will display the information linked to them. {site-title} will display the Site Title as set at
SettingsGeneral. {year} will display the current year.

This field is perfect for any additional information you’d like displayed below the footer widgets such as copyright information. If you’d like to insert a link you can do so using HTML:

<a href="">Puro Themes</a>

If you’ve added a privacy policy page you can go to SettingsPrivacy and select your policy page using the Change your Privacy Policy page setting. Once selected, a link to your privacy policy will be automatically added to the footer text. To remove your privacy page from the footer text, either deselect your page from the Change your Privacy Policy page setting or disable this setting found at AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter.

Widget Title Color

Set the color of footer widget titles.

Widget Title Underline Color

Set the color of the footer widget title underline.

Widget Text Color

Set the color of the footer widget text below the widget title.

Set the color of footer widget links.

Border Color

Set the footer border color.

Background Color

Set the footer background color.


Top and bottom padding in px.

Top Margin

Top margin in px.

Last updated: 01/11/2018