You can find the Polestar Typography settings located at AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsTypography.

Site Title Font

Set the site title font. Defaults to Montserrat.

Site Tagline Font

Set the site tagline font. Defaults to Montserrat.

Heading Font

Set the heading font. Used for page and post titles as well as h1 to h6 tags. Defaults to Montserrat.

Body Font

Set the body font. Defaults to Open Sans.

Site Title Color

Set the site title color. Defaults to #2d2d2d.

Site Tagline Color

Set the site tagline color. Defaults to #626262.

Accent Color

Set the accent color used for site content links, the button background color and blockquote border color. Defaults to #4d8ffb.

Heading Color

Set the heading color used for used for page and post titles as well as h1 to h6 tags. Defaults to #2d2d2d.

Text Color

Set the text color. Defaults to #626262.

Secondary Text Color

Set the secondary text color, used for post meta and other supporting text. Defaults to #828282.

Border Color

Set the border color used for various elements such as the border separating blog posts, table and form field borders. Defaults to #ebebeb.

Element Background Color

Set the background color of inverted color buttons, pagination buttons, tag links and various elements in WooCommerce such as table headers. Defaults to #f1f1f1.

Last updated: 14/10/2019