You can find the Polestar Header settings located at AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsHeader.

If no logo is added, your site title will be used. You can edit your site title from SettingsGeneralSite Title or AppearanceCustomizeSite IdentitySite Title. To add a logo click the Select File button below to the Logo heading. Next, select an image from your Media Library or click the Upload Files tab to upload a new logo. Once you’ve selected your logo image, click the Choose File button.

Below Logo you’ll find the Retina Logo field. Use this field to upload a double sized version of your logo, for use on high pixel density displays. If for example, your default logo is 92px x 92px, your Retina logo should then be 184px x 184px. This field must be used in conjunction with the default logo image and be exactly double the size.


Polestar doesn’t display the site tagline by default. Enable the tagline setting to show yours below the logo.

Header Layout

Choose between the Default layout (logo on the left, menu on the right) or the Centered layout (logo above the menu, both centered).

Sticky Header

Sticks the header to the top of the screen as the user scrolls down.

Scales the site title or logo down as the header becomes sticky.

Background Color

Set the header background color, defaults to white.

Border Color

Set the header border color, defaults to #e6e6e6.


Set the header padding, the space above and below the logo and menu, in pixels (px).

Bottom Margin

Set the header bottom margin in pixels (px).

Last updated: 18/02/2019