Custom CSS Snippets

CSS is the coding language that handles theme styling. Custom CSS is a way for us to apply little tweaks to theme’s design. In order to save your Custom CSS, you’ll need a Custom CSS plugin. We recommend Simple Custom CSS: or Jetpack Custom CSS: If you already use Jetpack then enabling Custom CSS at JetpackSettings is recommended. If you don’t already use Jetpack, we’d recommend the Simple Custom CSS plugin.

Add Custom CSS snippets to AppearanceCustom CSS in the case of Simple Custom CSS or AppearanceEdit CSS in the case of Jetpack Custom CSS. Remember that all WordPress themes overwrite themselves during theme updates, so making edits via Appearance > Editor is not upgrade safe.

Revert Text Highlight Selection Colors

When you click and drag over a text string, Puro overrides the default blue background and applies a green background color. If you’re using Puro Premium and have setup your accent color in the Customizer, you’ll see your accent color in place of the green. To revert this highlight color back to the default blue, add the following to your Custom CSS plugin:

/* Revert Text Highlight Selection */

::selection {
  background: #a8d1ff;
  color: inherit; 
Last updated: 12/06/2016