To get the most from the live updating WordPress Customizer, the AppearanceTheme Settings section has been migrated to AppearanceCustomizeTheme Settings. The migration can be found in versions 1.1 and 2.1 onwards.

If you’re an existing user, the upgrade will automatically migrate your saved settings from their old location to their new location in the Customizer.

For our Ultra Premium theme users, the Theme Design section is still located at AppearanceCustomizeTheme Design.

Ultra’s documentation hasn’t been updated yet, we’ll update this post as soon as it’s finished. Ultra’s documentation has been updated.

This update introduces highly requested settings for a mobile sticky header and mobile back-to-top button. Unfortunately, these changes will cause some child themes to stop functioning as intended. In the case of a sticky top bar and sticky header child theme, we’ve created a new solution here. If you’d like technical assistance in updating a child theme that has been negatively impacted by this update, please, email us on [email protected].

If you have any questions, please, reach out to us via the forum.

Ultra Theme Settings Customizer Move


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