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    How adapt from this site https://www.bouwmangroep.nl/ texture overlay ?
    I am interested in such a picture fullwidth in the background and text on it and buttons.
    I would like it to be full width and be in the body homepage custom page with page builder.
    Is there any plugin or code for css or div code? Or maybe there is something alternative in the ultra theme?
    my website: http://serwer1461413.home.pl/autoinstalator/wordpress/

    Thank you for every help
    Best regards!


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi piotroq

    It would be a function of how the image is added. I’m not immediately sure how you’d do that. You could use the SiteOrigin Hero widget but it doesn’t have the option to add an overlay image (texture), just background image with buttons. If you build the Hero using the Hero widget OR SmartSlider, I can try to help with the overlay grid if you have it added to your Media Library.



    Thank you for the advice they are all an inspiration for me. I created an extra new row in homepage custom editor pagebuilder. In the edit row > layout or design. I added a background image and display fullwidth in row layout. This is what I meant. Text and button i created in black studio tiny advanced. Everything is ok only though it could display really full width, but then it would disturb the aesthetics of the site.

    My row after changes: http://oi66.tinypic.com/11udglg.jpg

    Thank you for your answer. Best regards


    Andrew Misplon

    That’s awesome to hear. Nicely done! All the best with the rest of your website 🙂

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