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    I’m unable to add a new page to my main menu. I am able to create the page. It populates in the Pages (Most Recent) drop-down menu, but when I click it to add to the Main Menu, the icon swirls continuously. And when I try to leave the page, it asks me if Im sure I want to leave, because it’s still working. Its been happening for two days.

    Perhaps I have an old version of Polestar? I’m not sure how to find which version I have. Can you advise?



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Stephanie

    Thanks for posting. That’s a core WP function that the theme doesn’t have any control over. There are a number of ideas that come to mind so it’s hard to pin point a specific issue. A plugin conflict test would be a good place to start. Temporarily deactivate all plugins at once, try add the menu item, does it add? If it does, work through the troubleshooting process here: https://purothemes.com/documentation/general-wordpress/resolving-plugin-conflicts/.




    Thank you so much! It worked! I will go to the plugin troubleshooting page now. Thank you so much!!!!


    Andrew Misplon

    Super 🙂 Glad to hear you’re making progress. Let us know how it goes. It’s possible your WordPress installation is short on memory. We can tackle that if the plugin conflict test doesn’t reveal anything specific.

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