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    Hi Andrew,

    #1 I’m trying to change the layout of where all the blog posts go. Right now it’s automatic and it looks like this:

    #2 I would like to insert the # of comments & my name under each blog post title that are directly connected to the number of comments left. I’m using disqus.

    the ideal format would be “15 comments | by veronica vassileva”

    I went through the documentation and didn’t see a section dedicated to it. Can you advise how shall I proceed?

    Thank you,



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Veronica

    Entry meta is enabled by default, it looks like it has been disabled. Go to Theme Settings > Blog and enable Post Author and Post Comment Count.


    Hope that helps 🙂



    hi Andrew

    Thank you for the quick response.

    My Blog page layout is not appealing. I would like to customize it.

    It looks like this: http://tipsfromitaly.com/index.php/all-topics/
    And I want to make it look like this: http://www.melyssagriffin.com/topics/business-tips/

    I even have the structure ready underneath: http://tipsfromitaly.com/index.php/blog/

    I can organize the construction but there’s an automation that I don’t know how to turn off.

    As for the comments count and the author, I want them under each blog post title.

    Can you help me?


    Andrew Misplon

    Ultra has three blog layouts:


    Left Aligned Thumb:

    Blog Left Aligned Thumbnail Image

    Left Aligned Medium:

    Blog Left Aligned Medium Image

    At the moment you don’t have featured images added to your posts, ideally, each post should be edited a featured image added, the featured image is set in the right column when editing the post.

    Featured Images

    Easy Google Fonts (plugin) is adding a paragraph style that is changing the paragraph styling and adding a big left margin, if you want that, that’s fine, if not remove the paragraph styling from Easy Google Fonts.

    A new blog layout is something we can add to our suggestions list for future updates but isn’t something we can quickly produce on request. If you need help getting your blog to look like the demo, we can definitely assist with whatever comes up.

    (To build a custom blog layout yourself, you can try the Blog widget from this plugin: https://en-za.wordpress.org/plugins/widgets-for-siteorigin/. Once activated you’d go to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets, activate the Blog widget and then insert it wherever you’d like using Page Builder. Keep in mind that if you’re doing so on the Blog page, you must first deselect the blog page from Settings > Reading as no content other than posts is rendered on the page set as blog/posts at Settings > Reading.)



    Andrew hi!

    You blow me away!!

    I saw the ready layouts. The purpose of my blog is to collect emails and generate sales. Thus, I decided to go with the self-constructing.

    Thank you for the site origin widgets bundle. It’s beautiful and I didn’t have these.

    Greetings from beautiful Florence,



    Andrew Misplon

    Awesome 🙂 Really glad to hear you’re making progress.

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