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    I have a hebrew site with the Puro free theme and try with the plugin loctranslate to adjust some of the strings i get a pot file a mo and a po file located in the Puro theme language folder. I did a child theme but it says it uses Puro to translate. For some reason this is the first theme i translate a string i get but it dosn t show up and i can see in the language folder only the hebrew files i created. from whre Puro gets is language_? Thanks Susanne


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Susanne

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I must do a video on Loco Translate sometime soon. It’s a great plugin. The new version they’ve just released is awesome.

    The Puro pot file is your template, that’s where all the strings are stored. Using that file you then create your translation files which consist of a .po and .mo file. Loco Translate offers a few different locations to store your translation files. Please, see below for the best locations to use:

    I’m not sure why your translated strings aren’t appearing. Have you set your WordPress language at Settings > General > Site Language?



    Thanks a lot Just now i found it did work it was in the files just doubled
    one for administration one for the site so all is perfect
    Yes locotranslate is good but any update takes all the translations but its
    a huge timeserver and so much easier then to work with poedit and upload
    the file
    The Puro theme is great too ! needs a little more styling for RTL but its
    easy with a childtheme to understand all the files and change not many
    themes have this simple and clear structure. Tanks again and the problem is
    solved. Where are videos you did is there any on the Purotheme ?


    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks for your feedback, really glad to hear you’re making progress. No videos just yet on Puro but I’m hoping to make some soon. Thanks for the nudge.

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