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    I am building a web site using the Ultra theme, which is really great. I have assigned a custom menu to the theme location “Top Bar Menu”. When I review the site (it is not launched yet) and scroll down on any page, the primary menu remains visible but the top bar and its menu disappear off the top of the display. Will this still happen after the site is launched? If so is there any way to keep the top bar and its menu visible on a page when a user scrolls down? Regards, John Wielgosz.


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi John

    Thanks for your support, it’s most appreciated.

    I’ll definitely add this as a theme setting soon but for now, the top bar, unfortunately, isn’t sticky. I’ve developed a child theme to solve this problem, you can download it here:


    To install the child theme go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Activate.

    It’s normal for Appearance > Menu > Menu Location and Appearance > Customize settings to reset when activating a child theme. Unfortunately, if you’re using Ultra Premium it is a bit of a mission to redo all the Appearance > Customize > Theme Design settings.

    Let me know how it goes 🙂



    Dear Andrew,
    Thank you very much. This is most helpful.
    John Wielgosz


    Andrew Misplon

    Super 🙂 Glad to hear that did the trick.


    Custom Customer


    Trying to do the same thing – make top bar sticky.

    Seems like this child theme do not work anymore, is there any new solution?

    Thank you


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi, try the child theme here: https://purothemes.com/documentation/ultra-theme/child-theme-library/, listed at the bottom of the page. Looks ok on my side. If you need any further help, please open a new support topic here. Thanks.

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