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    Fru Zsee

    Hi, I’m Fru.
    Our problem is the following:
    We had a slider on homepage, which has mysteriously gone yesterday. We haven’t changed anything in css or in admin page regarding the slider. I don’t even know where the slides were set up as I haven’t found any option where I could change the pictures, upload more, or change any slider settings.
    I tried to activate and deactivate other slider plugins to find the one Ultra uses, with no luck..

    The strangest thing is, that I can see the slider in the code by inspect element, wrapped in <section class=”szlajder”></section but I have no clue what causes this.
    I appreciate any help or advice.
    Thank you!


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Fru

    Thanks for posting your question, I’m sorry to hear about the hassle.

    Have you perhaps editing any themes files at a code level? If so, it would be best if we moved those into a child theme at some point. Your site is looking great by the way, love the colours. The reason I’m asking is because I don’t know how this code is being generated:

    <section class="szlajder">

    If you’re using the Meta Slider plugin then everything should be happening within the next div.

    Here our tutorial on changing the home slider, including a video walk-through of the basic implementation:

    If header.php is the only file you’ve edited then we could restore the theme and you could use the method outlined in the above tutorial and video to add your slider.

    Let me know your thoughts. I’m sure I can help get this matter resolved tomorrow. Apologies for the delay, because it’s Sunday I’m not online as much today as usual 🙂


    Fru Zsee

    Thank you, it’s solved. The problem was that different versions of jquerys loaded and get messed up. I needed to put a jQuery(document).ready(function() {}); wrapper around the code in carousel.min.js and jquery.easing.min.js


    Andrew Misplon

    Topic migrated to email, Fru was able to resolve.

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