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    Hello dear forum.

    I would like to have my Slider just like in the https://purothemes.com/documentation/polestar-wordpress-theme/polestar-demo-home-page/. I edited the page settings just like said in the tutorial.

    My problem is that the picture for the slider, set as the background just like in the example overlaps with my menu above. So the picture is a background for the menu as well, till I don’t scroll down. Is there a setting I didn’t check on? Or is there a defined height for the pictures?

    Thank you very much


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Michelle

    When editing the page, check the Page Settings in the right column. Ensure that the overlap setting is not enabled.





    Thank you for the quick answer! That works.

    But when I disable the page title (so I have the menu on top and right under it the slider) the picture is cropped by few pixels.

    My page settings are: * page layout: no sidebar * header overlap: disabled *header bottom margin: disabled *page title : disabled *footer top margin: disabled and footer widgets: enabled.

    Do you know where the problem is?

    Thank you and best regards.


    Andrew Misplon

    Glad to hear you’re making progress.

    The SiteOrigin Hero Widget uses background image size = cover. Cover will cover the available area with the image. This means that the background image isn’t displayed at 100% of the image, it’s displayed at 100% of the container size. If aren’t using text layers then you can consider using the SiteOrigin Slider Widget. Alternatively, you can give Smart Slider 3 a try which offers a wider array of background-size options for full-width (stretched) sliders.

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