[Resolved] Siteorigin Hero doesnt display propoerly afther adding a button


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    Hi. I am trying to add a button on my slider but every time I do, the slider starts looking like in the attachment. How can I add a button to my slider without affecting the general look??? My site address is http://ciran.stronazen.pl/five.

    You can find the screenshot at http://ciran.stronazen.pl/five/1.png


    Puro Support

    Hi, thanks for posting.

    Have you checked the site live after saving, not just in the live preview? If the issue persists once saving the page and viewing it live, please, see below:

    1. Download to your desktop: https://purothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/home-extra.json
    2. Delete the Hero in your current layout, leave the row.
    3. Create a separate new page, click Page Builder > Layouts > Import/Export and import the home-extra.json file.
    4. Right click on the Hero in your new/test page and click “Copy”.
    5. Go back to your home page and right-click where you want the Hero and click Paste. I’ve added the buttons for you in a test widget.

    Hope that helps.



    Thank you very much. Not only this was fast but extremely helpful. Worked like a charm. In order, if someone has the same problem in the future, in order for the button to work properly you should add [buttons] under the text. By adding I mean you literally should write down “buttons” in square brackets.


    Puro Support

    Super, glad to hear you’re making progress. Thanks for updating the topic and letting us know where the challenge was.

    All the best 🙂

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