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    Hey guys,

    After a couple of years with my last theme, I went investigating today and am in love with Ultra. I’m still setting it up properly ( and probably won’t be done for a couple of days. However one thing I notice so far is that my site title (explaurafying) is too wide and falls over two lines, until I scroll down the page and the font size adjusts. So I went explauring (as I do) to try and figure out the problem, and note that I get ‘500 Server Errors’ when I attempt to ‘Customise’ the theme, ie where I would expect to remove the site title or whatnot.

    On another note, the SiteOrigin slider seems to play better than the Meta Slider 🙂

    But yes, if you could let me know where in the CSS I could fix the title problem, that would be super great. Also the ‘500’ error is one I only seem to be having with your theme (I switched to an old one and no dramas), so wanted to flag that. It also happens in the theme activation page, when I try to customise.




    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Laura

    Thanks for trying out Ultra and being an early adopter. Your feedback has been super useful. I’ll have full documentation up for the theme ASAP.

    Whenever any WordPress theme is updated all files are overwritten so unfortunately, changes made to Ultra via Appearance > Editor won’t survive an update. In your text size thread I mentioned two Custom CSS plugins, once you have one of those up and running you can use the following to tweak the font size of your site title:

    /* Site Title */
    .site-header .site-branding {
      font-size: 2.5em;

    I just tested this with your site name on my local install and it should fit perfectly on a full desktop display. There is a two line problem moving down to tablet and mobile. I’ve taken note and will have this resolved for the next version.

    The SiteOrigin slider is great widget. If you want any help with that, just let me know.

    Ideally we need to get your theme upgrade safe now so you know what changes will stick and what will be lost on update. Assuming you haven’t made too many changes to style.css what you’d do is switch to another theme, delete Ultra, then re-install from Appearance > Themes > Add New (search for Ultra). That would restore the stylesheet to default. I’ve sent through a snippet for content text size and the logo above. Those will be safely stored in your Custom CSS plugin. Just let me know what else I can help with that in that regard.

    I’ve also taken notes from your sidebar, a few little links here and there could be formatted better, I’ll have those all sorted for the next update coming soon.


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    Andrew Misplon

    Super, glad that helps for now.

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