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    We purchased your pro ultra theme and I was excited because you can choose to put the sidebar on the left or the right. The problem is, it appears under the main content. I have tried custom CSS to even re-position it and nothing is working. Can you please help? I am using the default full width no title template.


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi devalerts

    Thanks for your support. Sorry to hear about the hassle.

    Because of the organic development of Ultra, Page Settings came after Page Templates. If you want to use the Page Settings meta box, the Page Template must be set to Default.

    Page Templates:

    Page Templates

    Page Settings:

    Page Settings

    If you can send a link to the problem I’ll take a look first thing tomorrow my time. There is a private reply option below in the form to keep your URL private. Thanks 🙂


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    Andrew Misplon


    You’ll need to dive into your Custom CSS as there is quite a lot going on there. This won’t be a full solution but I can see right away this will be an issue:

    #primary {
        float: none !important;
        width: inherit !important;

    Because !important is being used there it means there is no way for the main content container to ever float to allow the sidebar to be in position.

    Another way to approach this issue would be to remove all of your customisations and then re-check the issue to see if it persists. That would be a good start point.

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