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    I’m not sure what I’ve updated recently, be it a plug-in, or the core, but for some reason on the https://unrealcycles.com/blog/ page the top logged in bar and the side widgets are not displaying.

    They are however, displaying on the events pages https://unrealcycles.com/events/thursday-no-lights-required-spence-mountain-2017-07-27/

    Sections called, recent posts and archives.

    Also the next and previous pages navigation is missing from the bottom of the page on https://unrealcycles.com/blog/

    What am I missing here?



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi 🙂 So sorry for missing this post, not sure how that happened. I think we chatted on the WordPress.org forums. If this ever had to happen again, please, feel free to bump the thread or email me and ask what’s up.

    If you have any other open issues, please, let me know.





    It seems I caused the error myself by disabling a plug-in named WP-PageNavi.

    Appreciate the follow-up.

    You can mark this post solved.



    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks for the update. Do you want to use WP-PageNavi? If so, I can take a look tomorrow. We’ll most likely need to add a little bit of integration code in a child theme.

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