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    I just upgraded to Puro Premium for the responsive features and the responsive menu isn’t working for me. The 3 bars icon appears, but clicking on it does nothing.

    I thought it might have been my site, but it also happens on your theme demo page.

    Tested on iPhone 6 Plus, and Mac Safari and Chrome by making window narrow.

    Am I missing something?



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Noah

    Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. I just uncovered this bug earlier today and will push a fix ASAP. To fix right now please, go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Footer and enable the Enqueue JavaScript in Footer setting which is disabled by default. That should resolve the problem right away. It’s also better for performance.

    Please let me know how you come along and apologies for the hassle.



    Thanks for your quick reply Andrew, that solved the problem.



    Andrew Misplon

    Awesome, really glad to hear that helped. Thanks for your understanding.

    If anything else comes up, please let me know.

    Puro theme documentation: https://purothemes.com/documentation/puro-theme/
    How to use the social icon menu in the footer: https://purothemes.com/documentation/general-wordpress/social-icons-menus/

    (Background: I just introduced the “Enqueue JavaScript in Footer” setting. The default location for the theme’s JavaScript files is in the header, the top of the site’s code. It’s faster to load it in the footer. Because the default is the header I made it a default OFF setting so as to not disturb existing sites. The problem is that the responsive menu script needs to be loaded in the footer. I’ll correct ASAP in the next update.)

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