[Resolved] Remove top bar menu on mobile only

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    Great Theme! Thank you.
    Is it possible to remove the top bar menu (on the right) on mobile phones only?
    (But leave in the social menu bar with phone and email)
    Also – How to make the phone text bigger on mobile.

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    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Ron

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the theme.

    Add the following to Customize > Additional CSS or your own Custom CSS plugin:

    @media (max-width: 768px) {
    	.top-bar-navigation ul {
    		display: none;
    	#top-bar .top-bar-text span a {
    		font-size: 14px;

    Adjust the breakpoint and font-size value as required.



    ok… an how to disable whole top bar on mobile? 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Ali, please open a new support topic here: https://purothemes.com/support/forum/ultra-theme/. I’d be happy to lend a hand.

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