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    I’m using your theme and building the homepage with the builder plug in! i would like to know how to make the raw full lenght, to fill the screen from one to the other side of the screen, for example if i insert one picture or a map. Is it possoble? i cannot find any option

    Thank you


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi savio982

    Thanks for giving Ultra a try 🙂 Page Builder supports full width stretched rows. To make use of this functionality, edit any row by clicking the wrench icon on the far right > Edit Row > Row Layout and set the drop down menu to Full Width Stretched.

    I’ve made a quick video covering these steps. It’s my first ever public screencast, so not exactly a polished product 🙂 Hopefully it helps explain this Page Builder functionality.


    Sound is unfortunately quite soft so please turn your volume up to hear.

    You can also find the SiteOrigin documentation on this topic here: https://siteorigin.com/page-builder/documentation/styling-page/. Scroll down to the Row Layout heading.

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