[Resolved] Primary & top menus not updating?

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    Andrew Misplon
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    I’m so, so sorry, Andrew!! I wasn’t alerted by email when you responded here, for some reason, and have been incredibly busy in the last few weeks. Anyway, I’ve now (finally) taken a look at the website, and all looks *exactly* as it should be. Thanks so much for your marvelous help!

    Just one last question, though: would my re-installing a child theme now counteract your changes to the header/top menu? If so, how do you suggest I ensure that your styling is preserved? I ask because I’m going to have to transfer the website to another admin soon, and worry that they’ll update either WordPress or the current theme without realizing that, in doing so, all prior CSS edits might be lost.

    Anyway, apologies again for the radio silence, and thanks (again) for your patience,


    Andrew Misplon

    Super, glad it’s looking good.

    It looks like you have Custom CSS split between the child theme stylesheet and Appearance > Custom CSS. You should also check Customize > Additional CSS to see if there is any Custom CSS stored there. All three locations, the child theme CSS file, Custom CSS and Additional CSS are all update safe.

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