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    Hey guys,

    I’ve now built a couple of sites using Ultra and SiteOrigin page builder and widgets bundle. So far, everything seems to be going well, apart from that I cannot seem to find a consistent way to get rid of the white space between my homepage slider and main nav.

    This code:
    .site-content { padding: 0em; }

    seems to work fine for these sites:


    Home Page

    this one:
    .home.siteorigin-panels-home .site-content, .page-template-home-panels .site-content, .page-template-full-width-no-title .site-content > .container, .page-template-default-no-title .site-content > .container, .blog .site-content .container.no-blog-title {
    padding-top: 0em;

    seems to work fine for


    but neither work for:


    I feel like I’m missing something very simple.
    Any thoughts?


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi PSBakh

    For the last one:

    In Custom CSS you have:

    .home.siteorigin-panels-home .site-content, .page-template-home-panels .site-content, .page-template-full-width-no-title .site-content > .container, .page-template-default-no-title .site-content > .container, .blog .site-content .container.no-blog-title
    {padding-top: 1em;}

    That’s where the padding is coming from.

    We’ll introduce the top padding as a page setting in the next update. I hope to have that released in the next few days.



    Hi Andrew! Thanks for a quick response.

    Hmm, I’ve double checked my Custom CSS for Workshops for Women site , and the padding is set to 0em. Very strange.

    Is there anything I can do in the meantime, before the new update is released?


    Andrew Misplon

    Is there a caching plugin being used perhaps? Custom CSS still shows 1em.

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