Half Menu DropDowns are not working

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    Hi First …

    Prblem was not for yandg.in but for finance.yandg.in so no changes required there in yandg.in they are required in finance.yandg.in as its multi site function.

    No Cache Controls used there in.


    Puro Support

    Unless we’ve made a mistake, the admin user account provided above doesn’t give us access to the finance site. We want to change the finance site from the child to the parent theme. Please, adjust our account so that we have access to the finance site or just switch the finance site from Ultra Child to Ultra Parent yourself and let us know when that’s done.

    Thanks for your patience.


    Puro Support

    We’ve checked again now. Our user account doesn’t provide access to the finance site. Please, change the theme from Ultra Child to Ultra Premium or provide our account access to the control panel for the finance site.


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