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    See issue at – https://www.ordinariate.org/index.php/resources/

    The Resources – Menu link when clicked on brings up a page with just two hyperlinks on it.
    Alternatively – Is there an option to disable the Resources Menu from serving a page i.e. there should be no page linked to this menu, item and the user is simply faced with the choice of picking a submenu i.e. Links, or Sermons and not be able to navigate to the Resources Page.

    Thank you


    Puro Support

    Hi Renden

    Thanks for reaching out. Ultra doesn’t have a sticky footer (JavaScript). There are two ways we can resolve this:

    1. Using Custom CSS added to Customize > Additional CSS:

    body {
        background: #fff;

    2. Or set a min-height for the body, also added to Additional CSS:

    .site-content {
    	min-height: 800px;

    Adjust the height value as required.

    Hopefully one of these helps.

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