ERROR: "Cheating, are we?"


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    After trying to save the changes I have made in “Theme Settings” menu I get the following screen:

    “Cheating, are we?”

    and the changes aren’t finally applied. What should I do? It’s really annoying to get this error!

    Thank you in advance


    Puro Support

    Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating errors WordPress produces 🙂 The total lack of detail really doesn’t help!

    Please, try logging out of WordPress and then back in again.


    I tried logging out already. Tried deactivating plugins also. I am using Ultra Theme. What else should I refer?


    Puro Support

    Thanks for your feedback. This error message relates to permissions. Is the account you’re using an Administrator account?


    Puro Support

    If you are already working an administrator account and the problem persists. Please, create a temporary administrator account so we can take a look. Go to Users > Add New:

    Username: support
    Email: [email protected]



    Oliver Schaudt

    A forced cache refresh seems to clear the error.

    Hold control & push F5.


    Puro Support

    Hi Oliver

    Thanks for sharing your solution with everyone. We’re really glad to hear you were able to resolve. If anything else comes up, please, let us know.

    All the best.

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