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    I’ve created a site with a child theme.

    I am using SiteOrigin to create my pages. Each page is fine except for the home page where I cannot get rid of the demo slider, despite going ‘Theme > Theme Settings > Home > Home Page Slider’ and setting this to none.

    Please help.



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Chris

    Sorry about this. If you go to Pages > Home Page (name will be whatever your static home page is) and check the Page Slider metabox in the right column and set that to None, does that help?


    Andrew Misplon

    Super, glad to hear you’ve made progress. If you’re using Ultra Premium, please let me know and we’ll shift to email. If not, sorry, I tried for ages to get email replies working with bbPress and eventually gave up.

    Did you shift to the child late? If so, all Customizer settings are reset as the theme slug, the ID of the theme so to speak, changes. If that’s case, please, see this short tutorial: https://purothemes.com/customizer-settings-export-import/

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