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    Hi Andrew

    I think this is a regression, I hope not related to the smooth scrolling to anchor point.

    When navigating to a page via the main menu the CSS class “current-menu-item” is added which sets either the default blue or a custom colour in premium to the menu item of the current page.

    However, when you navigate to an anchor point on the home page from the main menu, despite what colour you have set in the customiser, the current menu item is coloured the default blue. I have checked the HTML and it seems that the CSS class “current” is added instead of “current-menu-item”. I have reverted to the previous version ( and it seems the correct class is added in this version.

    Could you please advise?




    Andrew Misplon

    Hey Ben, thanks for your help. I’ll release a hot fix premium version to resolve. The new current class is missing from the Customizer, that’s the issue. Everything you’re seeing is correct. The previous version was stripping the current-menu-item class after scroll. The new version has split the classes and basically detects when we’re in a one page anchor situation and only then removes the current-menu-item class. Dealing with full urls as not only hash anchor links and the various other usage cases has proved quite tricky. I haven’t seen an example deal with all of the cases we are working with here, they usually fall short in area or the other. Thanks again for your feedback.


    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks again Ben. Hotfix version is out. All should be sorted now. Appreciate your help with this. Let me know how it goes.



    I’ve installed the latest version and the anchor class “current” is now behaving the same as “current-menu-item” showing the correct custom colour.

    As always, thanks for the rapid response and top class support.


    Andrew Misplon

    Super, thanks for your testing, feedback and understanding. Chat soon 🙂 Cheers.

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