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    Hi, I am using the Paid Membership Subscription where I register members to my sight. But now I want my members to be able to interact over a public “wall” like your Facebook- start-page. Does anyone know how I do that? I have looked at BuddyPress but then my members would have to sign in to two different pages on my sight and that’s not what I want. I just want them to be able to share their pictures/statements with all the other members of the page.

    Thanks in advance


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi fredriksegeranpt

    Thanks for reaching out. bbPress is the most popular WordPress forum plugin, I, unfortunately, haven’t used any others in the past. As far as I know, all would require sign-up. Which membership plugin are you using?



    Hi, I’m using the Paid Member Subscription : https://www.cozmoslabs.com/wordpress-paid-member-subscriptions/
    And reagrding the sign-ups I have started to realize that :/


    Andrew Misplon

    Assuming this plugin is using the WordPress user system then users will have a role. You can check what the roles are by editing at paid user in the Users interface and checking what the role is that the paid users have. It would require further research but you could look into automatically giving paid users BuddyPress access. Put another way you’d be saying that “paid role x” automatically has the same rights as whatever the “BuddyPress” user role is.


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