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    for the site Scuffmarksfactorypilot.com i want to change a few things…. i have ultra premium installed. I hope you can help!

    First, i want the layout of the header changed; but i cannot select the logo to the right. Do i need a custom css?

    Second, i want the menu in the header to the left.

    Third; when i go to the mobile site the header becomes twice as fat… can i change this?

    I am fairly new to this stuff so probably i ask a few mor questions later on.




    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I’d love to help with a right aligned logo but it isn’t an option in Ultra at the moment. There is a fair bit going on in the header so it isn’t the sort of change I can easily send with a few lines of Custom CSS.

    Currently, the normal mobile menu has been disabled. Perhaps check Customize > Theme Settings > Navigation, ensure the Responsive Menu is enable. That’s the best setup for most sites.


    Hi Andrew,

    thanks for the quick response!

    Well the responsive menu was disabled, so thanks for the tip.

    Really? But wil this option come later? What do you mean by there is a fair bit of going on?



    Andrew Misplon

    Super, glad to hear you’ve made progress with the menu.

    In normal support, we do our best to assist but don’t offer custom development services. We can try to assist with very small changes that aren’t offered by theme settings. Ultra doesn’t have a setting for a right aligned logo. I can try to assist with this change but there can often be knock-on effects from making a change that isn’t currently part of the theme’s capabilities.

    You can try the following inserted at Customize > Additional CSS for a right aligned logo:

    .site-header .site-branding-container {
    	float: right;
    .main-navigation {
    	float: left;
    .responsive-menu .menu-toggle {
    	left: 1.78571em;
    	right: initial;

    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Paul looks like the Custom CSS worked. Let me know if any questions arise 🙂

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