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    AJR Solutions

    when creating a button using the button widget, they show up really big/tall but when viewing as a sample before publishing they show normal with the icon at the side . But after publishing the icon is at the side of the text slightly higher not inline like it should be and I can’t seem to change this even by recreating the button.

    Can anybody help me please.! My site is in maintenance mode so I will need to make it viewable for you if you let me know as it’s still in development.




    Andrew Misplon

    Hi AJR

    Great to have you with us, thanks for reaching out.

    I tried to re-create this now but unfortunately wasn’t successful. If I could inspect the button, that would be awesome. We could perhaps arrange a 2min window when we’re both online, you could perhaps drop maintenance mode and I’ll quickly inspect the button and source code to see what’s up.

    Alternatively, there is a private reply checkbox when posting. You could create a temporary user account and send through the info.

    Or finally, you could mail those same details to [email protected] if that works better.

    Let me know and we’ll go from there.

    Thanks 🙂

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