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    I’d like to add my Sitelock image to my sites footer and center it under the footer text. Please see for an example.
    Temporarily, I’ve added the Href and image needed to the footer.php section directly here:

    </footer><!-- #colophon -->HERE
    </div><!-- #page -->
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    As you can see its in the right place, but I’d like it to be centered under the footer banner.

    I’ll add the code you provide as a custom css update (and remove the placeholder code in Footer.php
    Thanks a bunch!

    PS… upgraded to premium 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your support 🙂

    Can we try another solution? Try my idea out and see how you feel about it.

    1. Restore footer.php to its original state.
    2. Go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Footer > Copyright Text.
    3. This field can parse HTML so let’s try inserting your extra HTML here. Insert:

    Insight Angle LLC. All rights reserved.<br />
    <!-- HTML for the site lock goes here -->

    Let me know how that goes.



    yep — works.


    Andrew Misplon

    Super. Glad to hear you made progress.

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