[Resolved] Add in custom field for a subtitle?

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    Look at this page
    http://thegolferinc.com/category/luxe/ [Puro Theme]

    I was able to add a subtitle throught adding a custom field and code it to show on an archive page.

    Now, I want to do similar on ULTRA masonry archive


    I would like to add a subtitle
    and get rid of the …
    What file would I add the subtitle in?


    Andrew Misplon


    Please, keep in mind that changes shouldn’t be made to the parent theme as all files are overwritten during theme updates. If you’d like to edit the masonry layout you can create a folder in your child theme called loops and then make a copy of the /loops/loop-masonry.php/ file in the parent theme and copy it into the same location in the child theme.

    To remove the excerpt ellipsis you’d need to insert the entire function shown here https://pastebin.com/raw/KaAKVNvr into your child theme functions.php file or add the function as a snippet using Code Snippets plugin and run the snippet on the site front end. Then change $ellipsis = '...'; to $ellipsis = ''; Please, keep in mind that we don’t cover custom development within our support scope but do our best to point you in the right direction.


    First, thanks about the child theme idea.

    I was able to get a subtitle in easily, once you told me which file to use.
    Here is the masonry archive displayed with subtitles.

    I did not need the code – all I needed to know was which file to use.


    Getting rid of the ellipsis is trickier as Code Snippet is not working.

    I will see if functions.php is better.


    Andrew Misplon

    In Code Snippets have to set the function to run on the site front-end and is the function saved and activated? Have you edited the function to remove the ellipsis?


    I could not get the function to load even when on Code Snippets, or a Similar App

    Security would not allow it.

    I had to load in through FTP into functions.php on child theme.

    HOWEVER, I wanted to get rid of any excerpt as well as …

    So I just put the echo $excerpt in comment /**/’s so as to prevent any excerpt at all on the masonry blog. I did not even want the line spacing.

    The customizer allows you to set excerpt to 0, but does not get rid of the carriage return spacing.


    Other themes are too horrendously complex.


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi, sorry I missed your reply. I’m really glad to hear you’ve made progress with this function via your child theme functions file.

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