Customizer Settings Export/Import

If you’ve ever wanted to backup or export your WordPress Customizer settings, there is a plugin for you. Customizer Export/Import by The Beaver Builder Team is a huge time saver. If you’re starting a new WordPress site and want to import the Customizer settings used on a previous site then this plugin is awesome. However, the most common situation we recommend Customizer Export/Import for is the late installation of a child theme.

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Ultra Theme Settings Have Moved to the Customizer

To get the most from the live updating WordPress Customizer, the AppearanceTheme Settings section has been migrated to AppearanceCustomizeTheme Settings. The migration can be found in versions 1.1 and 2.1 onwards.

If you’re an existing user, the upgrade will automatically migrate your saved settings from their old location to their new location in the Customizer.

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Puro Theme Settings Moved to the Customizer

We’re pleased to announce that the Puro update will migrate Theme Settings to the WordPress Customizer. Theme Settings were previously located at Appearance → Theme Settings, they’ll now be located at Appearance → Customize → Theme Settings. If you’re an existing user your saved settings will be automatically migrated.

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