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    I recently ran a few new Woo Commerce updates, and now my WooCommerce Store images all different. In particular, the main catalog images are now larger and distorted. They are no longer displayed in two columns with smaller thumbnails. Please refer to the link below to view:
    I have tried resetting the Product Images settings in the WooCommerce Product Display Settings and Regenerating the Thumbnails, but I am still unable to resolve the issue.
    Please advise on how I can fix this issue?

    Kind regards,


    Andrew Misplon

    Hey Don, I’ll be able to think a bit clearer in the morning but at a glance, I don’t see a column count in the source code. If you got toTheme Settings > WooCommerce, where is the column slider? Two should be the min. so perhaps the body class isn’t printing?

    Are you running a caching plugin? If so, please, clear it. The class name was changed in the last update so if the old class name is cached, it’ll cause this issue.


    Andrew Misplon

    Other ideas. Is your store page added with a shortcode? If you go to Pages > Shop, is that an assigned archive page or is it using a shortcode?

    Plugin conflict test. Does the issue still occur with all plugins except or WooCommerce deactivated? Not sure why the columns body class isn’t there. Caching a hopeful bet.



    Hi Andrew,
    Just a quick update on the above:

    I to Theme Settings > WooCommerce, and I found the slider, but it was not appearing correctly – no up/down buttons or numbering showed. I was able to click on it “blindly” and with a couple attempts, I got it back to the correct number of products to be shown.

    I do not have any Caching (plugin or host-installed) on my site. Could you recommend one?
    Shop Page was the default page created by WooCommerce when I installed it.
    Also deactivated all plugins, except for WooCommerce, and that didn’t change anything.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks 🙂 Yes, the slider isn’t amazingly user friendly. It’s a standard Customizer settings control. The range is 2-5. It isn’t broken, that’s the current format, ideally you’d use it with the shop showing in the preview panel on the right.

    I’ll look into this ASAP and make sure the column count is outputting without a save.

    W3 Total Cache is worth checking out 🙂

    Glad to hear the issue is resolved. Thanks for the feedback.



    Thanks! Really appreciate it!


    Andrew Misplon

    For sure 🙂 Chat soon. Cheers.

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