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    Matt Barnfield

    I’m having to make a site ‘acceptable’ on IE8, but am having issues with the way the Meta Slider displays. It is set to stretch and displays fine on Chrome and Firefox but is cropping from the sides on IE8.

    I know that IE8 is ancient technology – is it possible to replace the slider with a static image just on IE8?

    Also noticed that the drop-down menu, which is set as a left fly-out still displays to the right on IE8. Any ideas?

    Site link in case it’s helpful:



    Andrew Misplon

    Hey, Matt

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Phew, IE8….

    We did do a bit of work in the last release to get things working better in IE8 and other legacy browsers. So in terms of adding compatibility scripts, we have everything in Ultra that I know of to be useful, basically, flexie.js to help the CSS box model, and then html5shiv-printshiv.js and selectivizr.min.js.

    The left menu solution uses a declaration as follows:

    right: initial;

    My understanding is that older versions of IE don’t use initial at all so I think that’s the issue there.

    I could work up a child theme for you that replaces the slider with an image for the home page.

    Cool, if you can, please, leave these two challenges with me, I’ll take a look as soon as I can this weekend and come back to, hopefully, with solutions!


    Andrew Misplon

    Hey Matt

    Before I create a child theme with conditional statements to replace Meta Slider for IE8, can you fire up a quick test page for me and try using the SiteOrigin Hero widget instead? Don’t worry about the gap between the header and the widget, we’ll sort that out with one Custom CSS rule. The Hero widget must be inserted via the Page Builder tab on our new test page. Click the wrench icon far right then Edit Row > Layout > Row Layout and set it to Full Width Stretched to get the slider 100% width. Add a frame to your Hero widget and add a background image, you can also add layered text, each frame is a slide.

    I don’t have a Windows machine at the office right now so if you can assist with this relatively quick test, I’d appreciate it 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

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