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    Hello. I have another website with the Polestar theme but this is the first time I’m using the prebuilt template as the goal is to achieve a one page website.

    I have two issues:

    1. In using the Hero Widget, the background keeps showing Polestar images in the background. I’ve even deleted the original widget but it has not helped.

    2. The header keeps showing “Polestar WordPress Theme”—how can I delete this?

    3. Question: What size should Hero images be?



    Hello again. So, I managed to fix issues 1 and 2.
    But would like to know what image widget slider is used for the demo Polestar template shown here: https://purothemes.com/themes/polestar/?action=demo#polestar

    If its the Hero widget, can you tell me how to adjust the height of the image?
    Actually, it would be great to know the size of the images.

    Also, where is the slider timing adjusted?
    Alternatively, will the MetaSlider plugin work with this theme? I’ve used it in the past.



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Cory

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad to hear you’re making progress 🙂

    The Hero Widget is used for the Polestar demo home page.

    You can adjust the Hero Widget height by editing the widget and opening the Layout section. Within Layout > Desktop and Layout > Mobile sections, a height can be set.

    The image sizes used in the Polestar demo home page Hero are:

    El Cap
    1400 by 933 pixels

    1440 by 1019 pixels

    1400 by 934 pixels

    The Hero slider settings are within the Slider Control settings section of the Hero Widget.

    You can use MetaSlider with Polestar.





    Thanks Andrew. Much appreciated.


    Andrew Misplon

    Sure, no problem 🙂

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