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    I have issues with the Ultra theme on a website that uses youtube videos. The site looks fine in the editor but once I view a published page, the video have grown in size and covers the image gallery that’s supposed to be directly above it. Screenshots of editor and published page. I guess FitVids scales the videos up to container size but I don’t want lose the responsiveness for mobile by turning it off. Is there some way to just implement a max width through CSS or similar and keep the responsiveness of FitVids?

    I’ve tried using embedded code with designated height and width & youtube plugins but those did not solve my problem.


    Andrew Misplon

    I’m sure we can solve. Will check ASAP this evening. If possible, please share a link to the page with the issue, can use Set as private reply checkbox to do so.

    (Sent from phone pls excuse typos etc. thanks)


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    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks. FitVids will push the video to 100% of container width. If you don’t want that let me know and we’ll need to find a way to limit the container around the video.

    The gallery overlap is a separate issue, I’ll address it in the next update. Thanks for reporting.

    Try adding the following to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

      .gallery {
      	float: none;


    That code solved the issue of the gallery disappearing, thanks!

    I still think the videos get blown up too much, but that’s reduced to just a minor issue now.


    Andrew Misplon

    Glad that helped.

    FitVids will push the video to container width, whatever the container width may be.

    If you were using Page Builder by SiteOrigin for this page you could insert a row with three columns and insert the video in the middle column, if the blank columns should be automatically removed on mobile so they won’t cause a problem there.

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