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    I’m using content view Pro for my blog http://www.inbe.se and I just got Rich Pins for my Pinterest account. But there is a problem when I pin one of my blogpost to Pinterest. When I pin the feature image – it won’t get the Rich Pin but all the other pictures in the same blogpost get Rich Pins when I pin them.
    I contacted Pinterest and they told me that the feature image from my blogpost only link to my homepage or category page – that’s why it won’t get a Rich Pin. They need to link to a specific article, recipie och product page to work.
    This is really bothering me as I will miss out lot’s of Rich Pins when pinning. Can you please tell me how to make this work?
    In Pinterest on my board I can adjust my pinned blogpost and rewrite in the right link to get the Rich Pin there, but other people pinning from my website won’t get that. What can I do – I really want this to work. I’ve been in contact with Content View Pro and they cannot help me. Please help me. Thank you.

    My pinterest board: https://se.pinterest.com/inbe10/inbe-interior-design-visual-merchandising/
    My website: http://www.inbe.se


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi 🙂

    Good to hear from you 🙂

    I’m not really following the advice from Pinterest. Your featured images do link to the individual blog post. If you click on the “Posters” image here: http://inbe.se/ you are taken to the individual post page: http://inbe.se/egen-tillverkning/posters-inbe-design-shop/.

    I’ve done a little research. Have you applied for Rich Pins? It looks like you need to. See this link: https://developers.pinterest.com/docs/rich-pins/overview/ and section header: Secondly, apply for rich pins. Secondly, which type of pins will you be using? Products? If so, we’ll need the following OG (OpenGraph) tags in each product’s code: https://developers.pinterest.com/docs/rich-pins/products/. If you can let me know the answers to the above two questions, I’ll try to assist further. Thanks 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

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