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    Hi Andrew,

    Sandwich menu button works properly in normal mode but not when it appears on the sticky menu. I have a few days without finding the solution.


    Any idea why it can happen?


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi xc70

    Thanks for your question. Sorry for the delay.

    The header shouldn’t be sticky on mobile, it should return to normal behaviour at 1024px resolution and below.

    We’re working on the next Ultra update at the moment. In that update, we’ll include the option to use a sticky header on mobile. The way the sticky header currently works makes it very difficult to get the mobile menu working with it.

    We hope to release that update in two weeks.



    Quiet by the delay. No problem, we also need to rest ; ) Thank you very much for the answer and work hard to update your excellent theme. Although I have adapted to the necessary branding and image of the project your theme is really complete and customizable ready to use for beginners.

    Thank you for reporting about the update.



    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks for your understanding and support. I’ll have the update ready as soon as possible.



    No man, thanks to you for sharing your Themes and knowledge, and offering your support here and in the SiteOrigin Builder support forum. So I can say that Ultra Builder and SiteOrigin are the best theme and best drag and drop site builder, Both free and very complete and highly configurable. You only need these two to create your website much more easily.

    Do you need a community manager? hahahaha ; )


    Andrew Misplon

    Thanks for your support and understanding, it’s most appreciated!

    Chat soon 🙂

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