Problem with meta slider x ultra premium

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    Ricardo Moura

    Hi, here i am again.

    I want to use my meta slider with 1000px width not 1200, but when i set that value a white background apeear.

    with custom css i get trade the color of background….i get an new image,(ok but this is not solve my problem) but what i want is change the width of background and look only my green body background :p ( i use an ultra premium child theme)

    i dont want this white

    Thank you again


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Ricardo

    Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you might have made progress with adding your textured background. Let me know if you still need a hand with anything 🙂


    Ricardo Moura

    yes! O solved this. Thank you


    Andrew Misplon

    Super 🙂 Really glad to hear you’ve made progress.

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