[Resolved] new to word press – is this going to be too hard for me?

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    I have a very basic word press site already created, its going to be very simple… a big splash welcome page with a big logo on it, and then several pages of nothing but galleries of images. Then perhaps a contact page with a contact form.

    Thats it. I dont need a lot of fancy stuff. Does your theme include a lightbox or fancybox treatment for galleries?

    I’m not familiar with .php but not a complete idiot, I managed to build something basic already.

    Is Ultra going to be too difficult for me if I dont know any .php or not a lot of html? thanks


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi rod2

    Thanks for reaching out.

    WordPress.org has pretty strict rules on what’s allowed in themes and what isn’t. Anything that is considered plugin territory isn’t allowed, lightboxes are a good example of that. My favourite gallery lightbox combo is:

    Jetpack Tiled Galleries: http://jetpack.me/support/tiled-galleries/
    Jetpack Carousel: http://jetpack.me/support/carousel/

    Ideally you should be able to build your site without touching a line of code. A build process usually goes something like:

    • Do everything you can with theme settings.
    • Add additional functionality using plugins.
    • Tweak a little using Custom CSS if necessary.

    Ultra, unfortunately, doesn’t have any functionality to handle a splash page. Here are a few plugins you might consider for that task:

    If you’re after a simple, minimalist theme you could also check out our first theme, Puro: https://purothemes.com/themes/puro/

    To answer your initial question. No, it should be relatively straightforward to build your site out using Ultra or any theme of your choosing 🙂

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