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    Xavier Le Garrec

    Hi again Andrew,

    I’m using the Ultra Theme Premium to design an alumni website and have a question not directly linked to your great theme but since your support has been awesome and I’m blocked on this to finalize the site I take the liberty to post it here, maybe with your insight as a developper you will have an idea (I put the reference to buddypress in brackets –> in case I need to change the User Management plugin to be able to easily do this, I won’t hesitate a second to give up buddypress)

    I have three user roles set up currently :

    – Super Admin
    – Member +
    – Member only

    The “Members only” should only edit all their (buddypress x)profile fields and that’s it.
    The “Members +” need to be able to edit their full (buddypress x)profile and also view the fields that other users (members only or members +) decided to share with everyone when completing their profile.

    I’ve searched in plugins but haven’t found anything that would enable me to do this. None enables to combine differenciate levels of permissions with specific scope and edit/view.

    And I am not a code expert unfortunately, althought through this whole experience I’ve considerably improved my php skills πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for your ideas off the top of your head
    have a great day


    Xavier Le Garrec

    the website is now online at
    but I haven’t sent their user account credentials to people yet.

    thanks πŸ™‚


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Xavier

    I wish I’d worked with BuddyPress so I could help out here. Unfortunately, I haven’t. What I’d recommend is this. Do quick research. If you have a local copy of WordPress running or a test install online, use that. Install WP Members, try it, see if it can do just this one thing. If it doesn’t work, move on S2Member, see if it can. Just hunting this one feature.

    OR try this plugin first, see if it helps at all:

    WPFront User Role Editor


    Xavier Le Garrec

    Thanks for your quick answer, will try these plugins and update in case I find a solution.
    Have a nice day

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