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    Hi, I have set a custom link color (purple: #bd3c97), but the original theme’s link color (blue) still appear.

    I set the color in Appearance / Customize/ Theme Design/ Content/ Link Color

    Can you help?

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    Andrew Misplon

    Hi, thanks for your support and sorry for the delay. I’ll be able to reply tomorrow and resolve then. Sorry it can’t be sooner. Thanks 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Cassandra, thanks for the long wait, it’s most appreciated.

    Please, try adding the following to your Custom CSS as a hotfix:

    /* Links */
    .entry-content p a:not(.ow-button-hover), .entry-content li a:not(.ow-button-hover), .entry-content dl a:not(.ow-button-hover), .entry-content pre a:not(.ow-button-hover), .entry-content code a:not(.ow-button-hover), .entry-content blockquote a:not(.ow-button-hover) {
        border-color: #bd3c97 !important;

    I’ll attend to this in the next theme update. Sorry for the hassle.


    Andrew Misplon

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