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    Barry Zimmerman


    I added the cookie feature from jetpack, first to the footer area and this created a huge empty block, so I then added it to the header and it then removed all the logo and navigation.

    Also, the woocommerce features.

    When we added a product to test and then went through the payment, it took ages on the card part and if you entered it incorrectly, it completely removed the entire block except for the card number?

    So, if you entered the expiry wrong, and needed to change it the option was gone, just the card block and that was all?



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Barry

    Thanks for reaching out 🙂

    Widget Areas:

    The footer will split into columns as you add widgets. If you add a single widget it’ll take up 100% of the footer (single column). If you add four, each will take up 25% (four columns). If you’re planning on adding additional widgets to the footer then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to only add this one widget, let me know and I’ll assist with a little Custom CSS to restrict the size.

    The header widget area is intended to completely replace all header contents. It’s intended for sites that would prefer to design the own header for the use case they have in mind. There is a brief explanation of this in the widget area description.


    I don’t think a delay in card processing is theme related. To confirm this, try running a brief troubleshooting test. Temporarily switch to the default theme Twenty Nineteen (or Twenty Seventeen) and try the card processing again. Check to see if there is any change in the processing time. I don’t believe there will be. If your site is public and are concerned about the test being visible, you can put this site into maintenance mode first.

    I ran into this issue with WooCommerce on a client site last year. We couldn’t find the root cause of the problem. We migrated the site to Cloudways hosting and switched email from using Gmail SMTP to using SendGrid connected via their WordPress plugin. That combination seemed to reduce the processing time down to an acceptable number. There is quite a lot written on this problem on the various forums.

    The Stripe error block I can certainly assist with. I’ll come back to you with a hotfix for that.


    Andrew Misplon

    The Jetpack consent block appears to be behaving as it was designed. It is assigned a fixed position, width auto by Jetpack so full-width and breaking out of the widget area is to be expected with those properties. It’s probably best to set the display position in the widget settings to “top” so visitors see it and accept (or not). Here are some other ideas for a similar bar if you don’t like the Jetpack version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/cookie+consent/.


    Andrew Misplon

    The following added to Customize > Additional CSS or the Custom CSS location of your choice should resolve the Stripe issue. These rules can be removed after the next theme update. Thanks.

    .woocommerce #payment .payment_methods .woocommerce-error li {
    	padding: 0;
    .woocommerce #payment .payment_methods .woocommerce-error {
    	clear: both;
    	margin-bottom: 0;

    Barry Zimmerman

    Andrew, top man, quick response as well, thank you.

    One other thing, is there a way of adding some more design elements to the prebuilt layout? just so i can extend the look of the website a bit more and save time writing css and using the page builder. I love these drag and drop elements, they have made it easier to get sites done quickly.


    Andrew Misplon

    Super, glad that helps 🙂

    What you could do is create a template page that you won’t add to your menu. Within the template page, in Page Builder, click Layouts and then Clone: Pages to import the page you want to start with. Make the changes you’d like to make and save. You could then clone this page on any other page using the same steps.

    It’s also possible to move layouts by going to Layouts > Import/Export > Download Layout. You could then import a layout using the same steps. To change a layout though, consider creating a template page and importing or cloning the page you want to start with and then make the changes you need to.

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