How can I change the dark grey color when contents are focused or active?

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    Hyunjoo Helton


    I’d like to know how to change the dark grey color when the contents are focused.
    The red color of the texts is okay but the dark grey laying over white background makes it hard to read the contents.
    I have a simple custom css plugin so please give me a hand. I am not very familiar with wordpress style css yet.
    Thanks you very much in advance.
    Here is the website I am working on now.

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    Hyunjoo Helton

    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Hyunjoo

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Sorry, I’m not quite following your question. Are you asking how to change the color of the main site text? If so, go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Design > Content and change theText Color setting. If that doesn’t help, please, could you try send a little more detail with regards to the part of the page you’re working on. Thanks 🙂


    Hyunjoo Helton


    Thanks for the reply.
    What I meant is that I want to change the color that appears when the contents are dragged. If you click the link I attached and drag on any contents there, you will see the dark gray color that appears with the red colored text. I want to remove or change the dark grey color because it makes it very hard to see the texts. I’ve tried Appearance – Customize – These Design – Content but I do not see any way of changing the dark grey color.




    Andrew Misplon

    Ahh the select color, yes, sure, one moment….


    Andrew Misplon

    Try the following added to Appearance > Custom CSS and edit as required. Hope that helps:

    ::selection {
        background: #ACCEF7;
        color: #313539;

    Hyunjoo Helton

    It works!!

    Thank you very much!!!!


    Andrew Misplon

    Super 🙂 Glad to hear that did the trick. If anything else comes up, please, let me know.

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